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Making Data Accessible to Peacebuilders

PEACETECH LAB Global Outlook
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Real Time Events

Social Media - Regional Violence and Instability

State Fragility Heatmap

Conflict Timeline

Real-Time Events Map


This is an analysis of news reports about violent events and protests as captured by GDELT’s Event Database and real-time data collected and published by ACLED on a weekly basis. It can be used to explore the frequency and concentration of recent violent events and protests. Clicking on a particular location will display data associated with violence and protests in that area. Use the time bar slider in the lower left corner to go back in time.

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Fragility Map


This visualization displays a range of indicators of state fragility for 167 countries worldwide between 2000-2015. Use it to explore and compare indicators of country risk, state legitimacy, corruption, economic risk, political violence, internet penetration, and physical security of women between countries and over time. All indicators are on a scale of 1-100, with red representing the highest level of fragility for each indicator. 

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Armed Conflict Timeline


This timeline of armed conflict in countries worldwide from 1946-2014 can be used to explore and compare the period of time in which different countries experienced an armed conflict.

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Violence and Instability in Social Media

Violence and instability worldwide East Asia and Pacific Europe and Eurasia Middle East and North Africa South and Central Asia Sub-Saharan Africa Western Hemisphere

Topic wheel and word cloud displaying the top themes of conversation from monitors developed in the Crimson Hexagon ForSight™ platform. Use these to explore conversations worldwide and in different regions across different time horizons: past 24 hours, past week, past month, and past year. 

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