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Welcome to the Open Situation Room Exchange

The PeaceTech Lab is are very excited to announce the launch of the Open Situation Room Exchange! This has been a long journey in the making, but we believe this initial step is providing some much needed capability to the peacebuilding field.  Our initial focus has been to develop the width of the site - so that there is data visualizations available for most of the world in an accessible way. Over time, we will be expanding with significant training content to help practitioners in the peacebuilding space to become more comfortable with accessing and using data on peacebuilding topics. We will also be expanding the depth of the OSRx to provide deep, layered views of the violent conflicts impacting our world.  

We are perhaps most excited about the possibility of exposing new users to some of these incredible open datasets that are already available.  

We have grouped the visualizations into three categories:

  • Real-time information: The OSRx pulls in real-time information from both social media and news sources, which has a blue-green header. For social media analytics, we use Crimson Hexagon's powerful ForSightâ„¢ platform to build social media monitors capture the conversation around conflict, and then send the results via Application Programming Interface (API) to the OSRx. We apply the Global Database of Events, Language and Tone (GDELT) dataset for news analytics. Real-time information includes word clouds, topic wheels and line charts on social media volume and the instability of news coverage. 
  • Structured Indices: The OSRx has incorporate a number of structured indices, which will have a purple header. These cover the gamut of topics including governance issues, risk of violence, economic concerns, education, gender and technology. Structured indices do not change often - they are usually updated yearly or quarterly. 
  • Forecasts: Forecasts provide our best guess on future outcomes. Forecasts headers are in orange.

We are very interesting in gathering your thoughts on this site. Please provide us your feedback. We are especially interested in what information you are looking for and how you plan on using it. Please share any features you think would make a significant difference in its impact.

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