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Hate Speech in South Sudan

Portal to explore monitoring of dangerous speech in social media surrounding the South Sudan conflict.

Hate speech that can catalyze mass violence is considered dangerous speech. In many conflict affected environments, including South Sudan, dangerous speech can prevent peace from taking root. Research and analysis conducted by PeaceTech Lab and other organizations on this topic can be found here.

Real-Time Violent Events and Protests

This is an analysis of news reports about violent events and protests as captured by GDELT’s Event Database and real-time data collected and published by ACLED on a weekly basis. It can be used to explore the frequency and concentration of recent violent events and protests. Clicking on a particular location will display data associated with violence and protests in that area. Use the time bar slider in the lower left corner to go back in time.

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Violence and Instability in Social Media From this Country

Violence and instability worldwide East Asia and Pacific Europe and Eurasia Middle East and North Africa South and Central Asia Sub-Saharan Africa Western Hemisphere
Topic wheel and word cloud displaying the top themes of conversation from monitors developed in the Crimson Hexagon ForSight™ platform. Use these to explore conversations worldwide and in different regions across different time horizons: past 24 hours, past week, past month, and past year. If you see word or phrase in the topic wheel or word cloud you'd like to explore, try conducting a Twitter search.

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Political Stability & Governance Timelines

This visualization displays a timeline of indicators of political stability, regime type, and government effectiveness, as well as forecasts of political violence and governance for this country. It can be used to explore trends in political stability and violence over time and compare these trends across different countries. Each timeline has a different scale, but for all of them, the higher the score the more positive the indicator.

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News Analytics Instability Timeline

This is a live-updated timeline depicting an "instability" measure or average tone for news at the national level, displayed in a day-level view over the last 180 days. The Y-axis is the percent of all events monitored worldwide that are identified as conflict events for that country, so the line chart depicts the density of conflict events for this country as a percentage of all news report. It can be used to explore how conflict events and instability are impacting the overall media environment of a country. The higher the line, the more unstable the country is according to worldwide news coverage.

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Volume of Social Media Posts - Violence and Instability

This displays a time series of volume of social media conversation surrounding violence and instability emerging from this country. It can be used to explore the overall level of social media conversation surrounding violence and instability as well as changes in this level in response to particular events.

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News Analytics Word Cloud

This live-updated wordcloud depicts top themes of news media related to conflict and violence.

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